DIGIPAK & CD Jewelcase Release via Drakkar Entertainment on 16th February 2018

01. Power
02. The Commonwealth Lives
03. Coast Of Gold
04. 24601
05. Feed The Flame
06. Cannibal Island
07. Into The Flood
08. My Sun Will Rise
09. Illuminati
10. Halla
11. Deja-Vu (Japan Bonus Track)

Quotes for Coast of Gold:

Coming soon...

CD Jewelcase Released via Noise Art Records on 20th Decmber 2013

01. Planet X
02. Heart Of The Lion
03. Overboard
04. Far From Home
05. Victor
06. Marked For Diablo
07. For The Rose To The Grave
08. Anteinferno
09. Path
10. Riders Of The Shires
11. Japskin Syylä (Japan Bonus Track)

Quotes for Anteinferno:

"An outstanding Power Metal album, which kicks ass right from the very first second
and is full of hymns."
// Markus Wosgien – Blast Magazine

"´Planet X´ is my favorite song. Fast and energetic with catchy melodies!"
// Jari Mäenpää – Wintersun

"The Finns perfectly declare that they aren't stopping for anyone on their way to glory."
9/10 // Metal Temple

”Thaurorod marssittaa valtavan shirehevosensa keskelle DragonForcen ja Human Fortressin olohuonetta ja ilmoittaa, että tästä eteenpäin hommat tehdään sitten hyvinkääläisten määräämään tahtiin. Kyllä vain, Anteinferno on juuri niin hyvä.” 9- // Imperiumi


CD, LP & DIGIPAK Released via Noise Art Records on 24th September 2010

01. Warrior's Heart
02. Cursed In The Past
03. Shadows And Rain
04. Morning Lake
05. Scion Of Stars
06. Guide For The Blind
07. Upon Haunted Battlefields
08. Tales Of The End
09. Black Waters (Prologue)
10. Into The Realms Of Hidden Me
11. Elämän Tuli (Bonus Track)

The Quotes on the debut album UPON HAUNTED BATTLEFIELDS:

"A magic moment in power metal" -Piranha

"THAUROROD fill the shoes of SONATA ARCTICA or DRAGONFORCE and sometimes even RHAPSODY OF FIRE just easily! Epic!" -MetalNews

"There must be something in the Finnish tabwater because once again Finland produces a quality melodic metal act. A definite must for the friends of the good stuff!"
-Tony Kakko/Sonata Arctica"

"This debut album is a hit machine and this band, if they keep up and further develop their skills and creative compositions, will surely be elevated to the top of the list of bands in their field" - Metal Express

"Upon Haunted Battlefields is an extraordinary Power Metal offering and for fans of the genre a must-have!"

"One of the best debut albums of the year!“ – 4,5 out of 5